Battlefield 1: The head of EA Studios initially rejected his warlike atmosphere

The manager thought it would not be fun to fight in World War II.

Battlefield 1: The head of EA

The vast majority were surprised and impressed bet DICE by the First World War with its new Battlefield 1 , but not have been easy for them to move forward with the idea, because they found the refusal of the big boss of EA Studios Patrick Soderlund, who I not think it was funny set his action in a conflict of this kind.

"It was not the most obvious choice," said the manager. "If you look at what others are doing in the industry, committed to science fiction; we had much success in the gaming space with modern military setting," continues Soderlund. "But we felt that we need some kind of change."

DICE's bid was the First World War, and the manager is clear about it . "When I presented the idea, I rejected flatly said, this is the. Trench warfare , can not be fun to play." But now everything has changed, and Soderlund believes that this atmosphere is just right for the franchise and for the own Electronic Arts.

"We must remember that until now, we have only shown a trailer. Yes, it has become a great success, but the important thing is we have to go back and make sure that we meet all the promises of what Battlefield can be. And we will, "concludes the director.

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