AMD works in three chips that could go for Nintendo NX and the rumored PS4 Neo

At least one of these chips will be released on the market in late 2016.


During a meeting with shareholders the maximum responsible for AMD has confirmed that the company works in three chips for the gaming market, and obviously related rumors [b] new game consoles [7b] were not made ​​to wait. Less recently when store chain GameStop ahead to new platform could be launched imminently .

There is little official information on these new chips, beyond that AMD he expects that within three to four years to generate revenues of 1.5 billion dollars. It has also been advanced that at least one of these chips will be integrated into a product that will be released later this year, although the official launch of the three chips is scheduled for 2017.

Since the SOC chips (semi-custom system for its acronym in English) are usually associated with the market for game consoles, all rumors point in precisely that direction . Specifically, the more force that wins is the speaker of the supposed new model PlayStation 4 , known as PS4 Neo , whose launch would take place later this year.

Since AMD currently supplies technology for Nintendo consoles, Sony and Microsoft, it is also believed that at least one of the other chips would be to NX , the new machine of the Great N , which could be released this year or longer in 2017. she has said it could be a hybrid game console, halfway between a home console and portable, so Nintendo could use two different chips in its production: the console itself, and one for its control system.

Without any concrete information on this new machine, some rumors suggest that Nintendo could talk about NX on April 27 coinciding with the presentation of the economic performance of the company. If not, it has to wait until E3 in Los Angeles to meet at last all the details related to this console.

What about Microsoft? It has also been rumored in recent weeks about the launch of an upgraded version of Xbox One a Slim model that would use different technology, or at least; but as in the previous cases, there is nothing official.
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