Star Wars: Battlefront concrete new details of the expansion Edge Exterior

We can control emblematic figures as Greedo, or enjoy a new game mode called Escort.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Throughout this month Star Wars: Battlefront expand its playable offer with its first major expansion of content that answers to the name Outer Rim , and among other innovations take its intense multiplayer action as recognizable scenes as Jabba 's Palace or the world volcanic Sullust .

Outer Rim will also give us the opportunity to control two new iconic characters as Greedo , that this time will trigger first, or Nien Nunb , Lando Calrissian's partner seems highlight the use of precision weapons. There is more.

The DLC will add a new game mode called Escort , will lead the rebels to protect a "valuable cargo of resources" while the Empire is at all costs to prevent them from reaching the extraction point.

The rebel forces have gained access to the most dangerous places in the Outer Rim to extract a valuable cargo of resources. Now they must take their transport ship before time runs out. The Empire has come to prevent them from reaching the extraction point.

Finally, Outer Rim also expand the arsenal of weapons of Star Wars: Battlefront with rifle Relby V-10 and the blaster pistol DT-12, in addition to new star charts and scatter gun, Granada of dioxis and stimulating adrenaline.

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