Vampyr return to the "gothic roots" of the Vampires

Entertainment team Dontnod chat with 3DJuegos on the inspiration of its expected RPG


When it was announced the fascinating Vampyr preparing boys Dontnod Entertainment , creators of Remember Me , questions crowded in the minds of fans. What kind of vampires look like? The RPG development team has been very clear in a speech that have been involved with 3DJuegos .

"Our intention is to return to Vampyr Gothic roots. Vampires are terrifying creatures of the night are stealthy predators that feed on human blood to survive," said Philippe Moreau, director of the title. "Immortality requires sacrifice, and we wanted to emphasize this duality, the cruelty of the vampiric condition".

"If your question is about choosing between type vampires" 30 Days of Night "and the vampire of" Interview with the Vampire ", I would say an interesting vampire should be both as Dracula himself," he said, meanwhile, St├ęphane Beauverger, responsible for the program narrative.

Following this link you can see the full interview.

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