The interesting Escape from Tarkov provides new details about its action

Discard published as a free-to-play game; there will be no micropayments, but in the future if we DLCs.

 Escape from Tarkov

The team Battlestate Games has shared new images and details of its appeal Escape from Tarkov PC, a game of first-person shooter that will combine elements of MMO with tactical combat. What's new offer?

From the outset, its leaders confirm that there will be a degree of character free-to-play as some thought, but we will have to pay to enjoy its contents. Also ruled out the use of micro-transactions, while recognizing that in the future there will be several packs of 

downloadable content .

As for the action Escape from Tarkov, if we focus on story mode we will touch pass a series of missions that basically consist of cleaning stage of enemies in large battlefields of 5 to 10 square kilometers, where of course we will find other players given the nature of the work online. In this sense, we will also have great freedom to explore these combat environments and can return them to seek a better booty with which to equip our soldiers.

 Escape from Tarkov

What if they kill us? It seems we will not have a chance to return to life with the fallen soldier, who also lost the whole team to take over, but our progress will remain in history, so would not speak strictly of the concept of permanent death.

For now there will be about ten scenarios that war, and once completed all the free mode will be unlocked. There will also be sand so that we will face several challenges, also all focused on online gaming. Will there be solo campaign? Nothing of that. Or at least not for now.

Action role-playing

If you look at the purely roleros aspects, Escape from Tarkov will have the basics in this kind of games, this is a system of inventory and progression of skills that seems to be similar to the The Elder Scrolls series. We will also have opportunity to join other players to form clans, and even contemplated crafts , or what is the same, the option to manufacture ourselves various objects.

 Escape from Tarkov

In the same vein we find the weapon customization system, which will give rise to reshape and improve the equipment that we take over. Here it seems that the bet is realism, with details that will impact on the recoil force of arms, ballistics possibility that this is encasquille, etc.

Also very interesting is everything that has to do with altered states that affect our soldier. For example, this suffer injuries that will undermine their ability to move or shoot accurately; just as you suffer infections if not treated well these wounds, may become dehydrated if you do not drink, hunger, etc.

Escape from Tarkov is only confirmed for PC. Those interested in participating in the closed beta testing you can register on their official website .

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