Star Wars Battlefront rule publish additional content related to Awakening Force

The DICE team is not interested in space battles to play the multiplayer action.

Star Wars Battlefront

Once again the team DICE has made ​​it clear that Star Wars: Battlefront will focus on the original trilogy of Star Wars, ruling in the future include content related to the recently released Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force , except stage combat set in Jakku, which is one of the new worlds which discloses the film.

Over the past months there has been much speculation with the ability to also see related to the Star Wars prequels content, but not at this point it remains unclear whether it will be so or all DLC to be published throughout 2016 will focus the classic films of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia.

Another issue that DICE has no intention of getting, or not at least for now, are the space battles . Again, parents say they prefer to focus Battlefield in combat on land and air battles.

Maybe in future installments of Battlefront see the coveted space battles, and related content with Clone Wars or the new Star Wars trilogy. We'll see.

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