Unlock Rainbow Six Siege DLC will require about 25 hours of play per additional content

Ubisoft also gives option to purchase the Season Pass for 29.99 euros.

Rainbow Six Siege

All new content debuts Rainbow Six: Siege can be achieved without investing a penny in them. This is something we have known for a while but ... how many hours of play need to get this DLC? Ubisoft has commented that the average will be around 25 hours per DLC, which is not an exorbitant figure considering the data provided by the company gala.

"The information we have suggests that the average FPS player invests between 8 and 10 hours a week enjoying their favorite games (we saw it during our own closed beta), so just should bring two or three weeks at most unblock an operator, "say from Ubisoft. Bearing in mind that each new DLC will be released in three months periods apart, they consider the regular players will have no trouble getting Renown required to unlock these new contents.

The other option, of course, is to pay 29.99 euros for the Season Pass which I spoke recently , and that obviously gives immediate access to all such content and other extras aesthetic.

In the end it is all about numbers. If you will not pay, you will need about 200 hours of play to unlock the eight new operators who arrive during the first year of Rainbow Six Siege. The first DLC will be released in January.

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