Star Wars Battlefront: DICE defend their ships remembering that focus on infantry

The study stands up to some of the criticisms that continue kicking to his galactic warfare action game.

Star Wars Battlefront: DICE

one of the leading producers of Star Wars Battlefront , has spoken with the portal MetroGameCentral some of the criticisms of the game from DICE in terms of the usual absence of galactic battles and the fact that some fans have trouble handling ships title.

"Essentially we Infantry games. The main part of this game is infantry, and be facilitated to do DICE games with cars long, and I think we do very, very well , "said the executive unpronounceable . "We know there are many people out there who likes to fly in the Battlefield, but we also know that there are people who do not like it. So it's something that polarizes a bit, and the ambition is to experience available to fans and make it easy for everyone. "

"What we have seen is that things worked really well. It is often mentioned as the favorite mode of the people," he recalled on the modality ships exclusively focused on offering the program. "Besides often they ask me questions about why not create a way centered pilots with their own rewards, advantages and others who question me ... that makes me very happy, because it means that we've captured something that people enjoy. In Generally it is becoming popular, it is the people tell us that they have been more surprised. "

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