The destruction of scenarios is the main protagonist of Rainbow Six: Siege

So we set designer confirms Ubisoft game, Chris Hendry.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Beyond operators and their different combat skills, are the scenarios Rainbow Six: Siege the main protagonist of the work being developed in Ubisoft Montreal ? Chris Hendry , designer of maps, is very clear: "Yes, destruction and operators are one of the key elements to understand the game and all its technical and playable context. "

3DJuegos could chat with Hendry about the current production and review some of the elements that makes it unique to each game map. "It depends on the elements of destruction in whole If you look at what you can break in each location, technically We can not invent something breakable when it is not Imagine a freighter or a train for example. You have to create the visual language that encourages the user to take advantage of the elements of own map ".

Hendry laughingly confessed that development has been hard, and in recent times stepped every location that could be a candidate for Rainbow Six: Siege: "Of course, when seeing the different levels and all I could do, there have been elements that have not been optimal to become a Siege screen and others who have worked perfectly. " Although you could see some new maps in the new proof of title, Ubisoft reserves still surprises: "They will be eleven maps and still have to show a couple of scenarios."

Rainbow Six: Siege opens on December 1 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Do not hesitate to take a look at our recent impressions for the latest details of the game.

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