Need for Speed ​​concrete improvements receive after testing phase

Progress during the game and the speed of AI-controlled opponents are two of the areas in which it has worked.

Need for Speed

Ghost Games will leverage the opinions of the fans who have been involved in closed beta testing of Need for Speed ​​to improve certain aspects of this new game speed as the speed of vehicles driven by artificial intelligence or the rate at which the Players unlock new content.

"Although technical tests have been our main focus in the closed beta, has been receiving great reviews so passionate about the players", they say from the development team. "The speed with which progress [in the game] is a question that users have commented, in particular with regard to how they perceived they could quickly get a full custom car garage, "they continue.

"The economy, based as much money as reputation, will remain balanced as the final game gets users will find a progression to a normal rhythm," Ghost apostillan Games. It has also changed the speed at which competitors run controlled by the game's artificial intelligence, so they appear not "gas-powered rocket, as happened sometimes in beta".

All these changes are aimed at improving feelings with this speed game to be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next November 5th, and later, in 2016, PC.
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