Skylanders superchargers tried to include more characters from Nintendo

Kirby, Princess Peach and Star Fox were in the spotlight.

Skylanders superchargers

One of the great attractions of the new Skylanders: superchargers is that will feature two special guests such as Donkey Kong and Bowser, but if everything had gone as planned its leaders, the game would have counted with a greater number of characters from Nintendo .

Among them was Kirby , but the team of HAL Laboratory refused to appear pink ball in this new Skylanders. As they own the creative license, Nintendo could not do anything about it. It also mentions a Princess Peach would have appeared warrior carrying a sword. Something that does not match the appearance of this affable character.

The last mention has to do with the Star Fox series, and imagine that in particular with the beloved Fox McCloud, which in this case it would have integrated well into the Skylanders action superchargers. The point is that in the end also his presence was discarded, perhaps because of the proximity of the release of this game and the new Star Fox Zero for Wii U.
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