Oh no component will have an attractive online

To find out where other players died, we can "invoke" to fight and get precious rewards.

Oh no component

Directly from Japan we get new details of Ni-Oh , promising action game in which you work the Team Ninja and now we will have an attractive online component that, in some ways, reminiscent of the saga Souls From Software ... but with nuances.

During our journey through feudal Japan in which the action of Ni Oh it settles down, we will find along the way a sword mounds that mark the place where other players died. However, unlike Dark Souls, if you activate these symbols will touch us fight the specter of the fallen player. They will be tough fighting, warn those responsible, but if we go out airy of them will get powerful rewards in return.

Before starting these fights, yes, we display the name, the skill level of the player and how he died, lest it more powerful than us and not give us a chance.

Other interesting facts are concerned as to the playable base itself Ni Oh, to be a game of demanding action in which enemies can end our life with three or four strokes. Our protagonist, named William , may use a varied arsenal of weapons with katanas, bows and even spears.

About the fights, these are based on dodge and hit at the right time all the time controlling the energy flow of our hero, in case of running out of forces at the most inopportune time could lose their lives tragically. Run, dodge and attack consume this energy.

A level of customization, it seems that Ni Oh be well served as it will be equipped with armor, invocations to draw on for support in combat, in addition to the possibility of leveling using some altars.

Ni Oh for PlayStation 4 will be released throughout 2016.

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