Horizon: Zero Dawn offer "hours and hours of exploration"

Nevertheless, its creators are favoring quality than the dimensions of the world in which the action unfolds.


The director of Horizon: Dawn Zero for PlayStation 4, promising action adventure open world in which creators work Killzone, ensures that your game will offer "hours and hours of exploration" of quality in a comprehensive post-apocalyptic environment which "everything has a purpose."

"It's a big world. Although it has never been our goal to make the largest possible world, because this is not about that, but on the ride quality and quality of tactical combat against the machines," explains Herman Hulst. Although he insists, "it is a vast world that offers hours of exploration in a post-apocalyptic pitch".

Also asked about the balance struck between the futuristic feel of the work and the ancestral environment that defines the creative Guerrilla Games has merely said that his goal is to make everything has a purpose, even confirming that there will be different tribes with their own traditions.

"I think the strength of Horizon is that everything in the game is there for a purpose; everything is consistent Lots cohesion between the tribes, Aloy how [the protagonist] is related to these;. Machines, these robotic creatures in game, what is its function, how they interrelate, and how Aloy also relates to them, "he explains.

Finally, Hulst stressed that the tribes "are very different" from each other and we will have opportunity to explore in the game why such differences exist, and why Aloy treated so differently. "There is a purpose for that," he adds.
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