The legal battle for Duke Nukem ends with GearBox as winner

The creator study Borderlands and Brothers in Arms retains rights.

The legal battle for Duke Nukem

In recent times one of the most famous lawsuits related to video games has been to Duke Nukem has faced GearBox with 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment for their rights. The winner? GearBox, which holds the rights to the brand.

The story goes back to when 3D Realms sold the rights to the brand GearBox, which ended the development of Duke Nukem Forever and put on sale. 3D Realms was then acquired by Interceptor Entertainment announced a game called Duke Nukem Mass Destruction which was sued by the creators of Borderlands and ended in the renaming of the project Bombshell .

Now, in a statement issued by the three companies, it ensures that they have "resolved the differences" and that the litigation between them has ended. "A single home for the IP is the best, and as Duke fans are excited to see what GearBox prepares for the King," said a spokesman for 3D Realms, executive Mike Nielsen. "We never wanted to cause any harm to GearBox or Duke".

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