Star Citizen multiple crew shines with a spectacular trailer starring ships piloted

Surprisingly the game individually calculated physics / gravity of each player within these vessels.

Headlines were expected during the press conference dedicated to the ambitious Star Citizen and the team led by Chris Roberts was not disappointed in the least. What's New? Input the new Arena Commander 2.0 has left us with his mouth open, showing the end how many ships piloted by crew work.

In these vehicles, as expected, each player will play a different role: from the pilot that controls movement of the ship, the head of radar to detect enemies and objects, the technician in charge of repairing the damage, or the leaders of turrets to name only some of the options will be available.

Most spectacular of all is how realistic Star Citizen shown when calculating physics / gravity of the players in moving ships, which is not exactly easy to achieve Aug. The point is that while some fire and control ship "from outside", others may move freely within the same class performing another task.

Star Citizen conference also served to show a promising Social module that will give a good account shortly.

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