Nintendo patents a gaming device to dispense with the optical disc reader

Would have an internal hard disk where the games and applications would be stored.


Pending that Nintendo start talking about their next consoles, fans of the Big N must comply with rumors or information that arises from patents, which is precisely the case before us. A patent refers to hardware that dispense with the optical disc reader for, it seems, focus entirely on content downloaded from the Internet.

"An example system would include an internal hard drive that stores programs and / or data, a communication unit that transmits / receives programs and / or data through the network and a processor executing a program stored on the hard disk to run Processing games. " This is the description that appears in the patent, with a final mention that confirms that this device does not have "an optical drive to read a program and / or data from a disk."

The patent was registered in the US in February and, of course, could hint at new gaming system of the Japanese company, which will present NX at some point to be specified throughout 2016. You'd think, with this information on the table, the system would bet on the game in the cloud; but it could also be based on the use of memory cards as occurs in 3DS, for example.

It also specifies that the patent would hint at a "non-portable game machine", which rule out that it were the successor 3DS. It also leaves open the possibility to use optical disks and other style systems using other hardware that act, imagine, for peripherals.

Nor it is possible that the device in question alludes to a different project to NX, because in any case Nintendo has talked about it.
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