Ion Storm was working on a Thief set in modern times

Garreth would have been able to travel between the real world and one spectral. The project was canceled in 2004.


Just a year ago the market was premiered in the resumption of the legendary series of infiltration Thief , but long before that, a decade ago, the team in charge of Thief: Deadly Shadows was working on a much more ambitious project intended to bring this saga to modern times. Your name? Thief 4: Dagger of Ways .

Little or nothing is known about this project that was canceled even before being presented to the public in 2004, partly due to the commercial failure of his predecessor. The point is that this new Thief promised to revolutionize the bases of the franchise moving his action to the current time in a great city taking aesthetic elements of great cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston "and other American cities."

The intention of the team, the leaked information , was to create a world of dark shadows bathed in neon lights, where Garret explore the roofs and the streets of a big city while robbing the homes of corrupt senators. In this sense, the protagonist maintain its usual cynical character and special abilities, but adapted to modern times -motor, hacking, counter surveillance, etc..

Playable main feature of the work would be given by the dagger that gave name to the game, and basically we would move between the real plane and a spectral world , where would you deal with new dangers, for example, the angry souls those who snatch life.

By all appearances, Eidos agreed with the idea of ​​bringing Thief to the present time, but did not want supernatural elements in the game. After months of work, Ion Storm created a realistic stealth adventure without spectral issues involved, but eventually the project was canceled in 2004.
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