Dragon Age: Inquisition has Trespasser, a new DLC focused on the main story

Your action will take place two years after the events in the game.

BioWare has presented what appears will be the last major content expansion Dragon Age: Inquisition , known as the Intruder , which in this case will act as a postscript to his main story narrating what happened in the world of Thedas two years after the events lived in the adventure.

"Intruder has a completely new story, set two years after the main game," says the creative director of the play, Mike Laidlaw. "The story explores how an organization dedicated to saving the world when the world no longer needs to be saved. It is a good opportunity to reconnect with old friends, discover a new threat, and ultimately decide the fate of the Inquisition who have worked so hard to build. And you might also contain clues about the future of Thedas "he adds.

To enjoy this expansion will be necessary, of course, have completed the main quest. "Part of why we are announcing a little more in advance than others," he said about Laidlaw, without giving an approximate release date for this DLC. "This content marks the end of our time with the Inquisition. I hope you have enjoyed."

By the way, BioWare also working on a new free update that will bring exciting changes to Dragon Age: Inquisition. "First, the gold nug allow you to 'synchronize' the objects between items after completing the main story," he explains. "To do this, but go to the Grotto of Heavenly Feudo after finishing the game and make click the new statue of nug gold . Once this is done, all the items are a) online b) on the same platform, they appear similar statues in the Grotto and in Refugio. By clicking the statue will synchronize the current game. The synchronization is bidirectional and cumulative, which means that all objects are added to the online collection, even if the character has not yet clicked beens. This is like a new game plus' ... but without having to start the game again. "

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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