Gearbox: "I do not regret Aliens: Colonial Marines"

Randy Pitchford talk again disappointing game distributed by Sega video game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines was a game out of place. Disappointing and poor, caused more than a headache to Sega and Gearbox. Software, developer and publisher has said much in recent times, but little had spoken Randy Pitchford , boss of the company, on the development of what is surely one of the worst games that has the signature in its catalog.

If the other day there was talk of losses of ten million dollars, we are speaking today on the American website IGN of a figure "between ten and fifteen million dollars." Pitchford says he "would not change the experience for anything," and understood and regretted that "there are people who did not enjoy the production." It has not stopped there: he wanted to demystify one of the rumors of development. What is there in money received by Gearbox and Sega spent on other projects?

He spoke at length about the money injected by Gearbox for Sega Aliens: Colonial Marines and did not come to crystallize in the action game; was invested in Borderlands 2. Pitchford has called "absurd" this story, which ran through many means and forums in 2014: "The reality, in any case, is the reverse: take much money we did with Borderlands to invest in Aliens and try to do something worthy. Just we are disappointing to many players. "

"There are many things that come into failure, but the only fundamental truth is that we will do our best to entertain the players and some did not like," he said. He also said that to err "is within human nature" and that "some of my favorite bands, of which I think makes the best songs in the world, have songs on the B side I do not like and do not care. These things happen. "

The Texan team works Battleborn currently. Its release is expected next winter. Gamescom to have to wait for new details of this production.

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