Gearbox confirms that a new and "authentic" Brother in Arms developing

His arrival will be hard to get, because it requires a lot of money, time and effort.

The team of Gearbox Software does not forget one of the sagas star, Brothers in Arms , which promises to return one day with a "real" computer game that reflects what the fans expect from this series of military action. When will that be? Not likely to be soon because the head of the study, Randy Pitchford, recognizes that this will be a major work.

"Unfortunately it takes a lot of resources, energy and time to do what we must, and do not think it's something I could do alone. We need a good partner for this, so I've been talking to important people because you put all these elements together is a limiting factor, "says Pitchford.

The manager promised to talk more about it when they tied all the loose ends, but it is clear that Gearbox wants to return to the universe Brothers in Arms. So much so that the own Pitchford says that this is "an outstanding debt" with the team, after failing to finish his work with the late Furious 4 .

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