Firaxis will lower power sniper XCOM 2

They will create a new, more versatile but less powerful unit.


The producer of XCOM 2 , Garth DeAngelis, talked with the American medium Gamespot of turn-based strategy game that 2K distributed later this year on PC. According commented member Firaxi s, power Sniper XCOM: Enemy Unknown will not be repeated in the sequel. For this they have been replaced by the new Sharpshooter, a unit that shoots a long distance but it offers new possibilities for the user to play beyond the damage from afar.

"It's an evolution of the sniper. The sniper at the end of Enemy Unknown seemed almost a god (...) but now we have a new skill tree that gives the player the ability to Sharpshooter specialize in other fields," he commented. The combination of skills will allow the unit to be very useful, but without going to the extremes of the past. "We have a new skill, 'Death From Above', which allows you an extra action if you end up with rivals lower level than your yes I specialize in guns can use the 'Fan Fire' ability to use it after firing the rifle. With 'Fan Fire' can attack three times to the same goal. "

DeAngelis has shared with the American media that "what the user wishes just once XCOM is to feel that the threat has passed, the enemies have not been behind the protagonist throughout the game." XCOM 2 premieres on PC, Mac and Linux in November 2015.

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