Doom 3 and BioShock have been a source of inspiration for SOMA

Amnesia makers have also been fixed in titles like Silent Hill or Spec Ops: The Line.

Doom 3

The creative director of SOMA , the new horror adventure from the creators of Amensia: The Dark Descent, acknowledged that Doom 3 has been a great source of inspiration when it comes to shape their new game, especially as regards the user interface and how the player interacts with the environment.

"A great inspiration that we were Doom 3 terminals. I love how they made ​​you feel part of the game world and how immersive it was when you used them," says Thomas Grip. And indeed, after our first contact with this adventure of terror, they can not deny the similarities. "In SOMA there are lots of different ways for the player to find and be entertained with these terminals, which are an important part of the game".

Also the large BioShock influenced team Frictional Games with regard to the design of the subsea station in which the action takes place. "I love the first 20 minutes of the game, the narrative unfolds in such a large and immersive way." Just as Spec Ops: The Line and moral decisions, or Silent Hill and the absence of kinematic to transmit terror, have contributed to SOMA is the game in which it has become.

The new horror adventure from the creators of Amnesia be released on PC and PlayStation 4 on September 22.

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