Arkane: "At all levels of Dishonored something it is enhanced to Dishonored 2"

 Dishonored 2

One of the directors of Dishonored 2 , Harvey Smith , has chatted with The Guardian about the new video game company: "We want to make immersive first person adventure with a fantastic world in which to capitalize on the figure of infiltration. . A tribute to the games we did before and we love ".

The aim, similar to the first game, is relatively similar: "A game of a murderer in do not have to kill anyone: it is our goal with Dishonored And the spirit of the sequel itself.". However, they are aware that there are things to improve in the title and go for them: "We think the sword fights of the first game could have been more profound, and that our infiltration could have been improved if we had expecting something more feedback. " He concluded that "at all levels is something that can be improved"

On the differences of Emily and Corvo, stars of the first two games, the study and deepened respect. Production is expected to current generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony and PC sometime in the middle of next year.

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